Mission:  To support the students in the department of Occupational Therapy at Eastern Kentucky University.  SOTA will support and promote professional development of occupational therapy (OT) students through education, social, and community services.

Purpose:  The purpose of SOTA is twofold.  First, SOTA will increase campus and community awareness of the occupational therapy profession.  Second, SOTA will actively advocate for national affairs by sending an ASD Delegate representative to the annual AOTA Conference each year.

Professional Development: 

  • Encourage participation in professional organizations such as KOTA and AOTA.
  • Promote awareness and involvement of legislative issues in occupational therapy.

Educational Development

  • Provide workshops of interest to members.
  • Encourage student representation at regional and national conferences.


  • Provide support to new OT students.
  • Maintain communication with the membership through a website, social media, electronic newsletter and/or print newsletter.
  • Facilitate or provide social gatherings.

Community Service

  • Contribute to the community through various service activities, including education.

Membership Eligibility:  In order to be eligible for membership, students must be enrolled full-time in either the undergraduate Occupational Science or Graduate Occupational Therapy program at EKU.  Membership is also open to transition and post-professional students enrolled in EKU’s Occupational Therapy Program.  

 Join now via our online application or download a copy of our printed brochure.